A Mortgage Company You Can Count On

Inevitably, when I mention that I am in the mortgage business, people tend to give me a pitiful look and maybe a pat on my arm, saying, “It must be really rough for you in this market.” The truth is that in the past few years there has been a mass exodus of mortgage companies and loan officers, yet many companies have done more loans than ever before. Numerous loan officers have been skipping from mortgage company to mortgage company trying to find a new home; a few of them have stuck it out and soared.

When I joined Guaranteed Rate in March of 2000, there were 38 employees. Now, 14 years later, we employ over 2,700 employees and are listed as the eighth-largest mortgage company in the country. That is right up there with the most recognized banks. I have been blessed to be listed as high as the #2 loan officer in the country, out of 200,000 people who work in my field.

Guaranteed Rate is a company that has earned its success in the most quiet yet effective of ways. We focus on the things that matter most to you: great rates, low fees, and the best customer service out there. We have loan programs that allow for small down payments. We have access to government programs that allow borrowers who are “underwater” on their home to refinance. We have flexibility and creativity. My 15 years in the business as well as my high level of success afford me the ability to be straightforward, consistent, and honest – with quick and educated answers.

My team and I have been growing quickly in the Baltimore real estate community. Please call, say hello, add yourself to our mailing list, and/or give us a chance to help you with your mortgage needs. I am confident that you will have a great experience and, like the many others we have done financing for in Baltimore, you will be happy to use us in the future and pass our information on to your friends and family.

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