The Lender You Choose Impacts Your Access to Low Rates

The headline above may surprise you. How can the lender affect your rate? Aren’t interest rates the same at every bank and lending institution?

Yes and no.

Interest rates are set by a federal regulatory agency, however vibrant lenders like my parent company, Mortgage Master, have so many creative ways of financing homes that you can wind up with a financing plan that gives you a rate lower than your local bank or broker offers!

How does that work?

When you work with Mortgage Master, one of the largest privately-held mortgage companies in the country, you get a professional, efficient team – working on a super low-cost platform – to pass low rates and highly efficient loan programs on to you. You’ll get a whole team of professionals dedicated to closing your loan fast, including:

  • The Mortgage Lender, Broker & Banker: That’s me. I’m here to find you a great deal and coordinate all loan efforts from application through underwriting and on to closing.
  • My Guidelines Team: When I want more information to determine the best deal for your loan, I turn to my research team, who’ll ensure I have found the absolute best loan program with the lowest rates from all the myriad banks and lenders we work with.
  • Senior Regional Mortgage Underwriting Managers: This team of underwriters only does mortgages – no car loans or credit cards (unlike the team at your local bank!) Together, we’ve demonstrated mastery of industry regulations and know the ins and outs of getting your loan approved by the various investors who compete for our business every day. Best of all, I have super solid relationships with these top underwriting managers at Mortgage Master, all to your benefit.
  • A Top Compliance and Closing Team: The compliance team double checks every step of the process, making sure every detail is accurate. Then the super efficient closing team works tirelessly to ensure you get the funds you need at the time you need; working with your settlement attorney to fund the loan. Together we ensure you’ll get to closing on time – and that you won’t have any surprises!

While it might seem like a great idea to go with the highest volume lender to get your mortgage, borrowers and realtors alike have turned to me in frustration when that the top loan guy was just too busy to return calls and answer questions. With Mortgage Master’s professional staff taking care of the details, I am available whenever you need more information, or just want to discuss scenarios and run numbers again.

In the mortgage business, integrity is key. Once a loan is promised, I don’t back out of the deal.

Here’s a quick story showing how I helped a young couple who was put in just that situation:

A young couple had been through the loan process with their bank and had been approved for a loan. Shortly before closing, the bank backed out of the deal. Adding to the frustration was the problem that the term of their real estate purchase contract was close to expiring. A loan needed to be approved and closed before the term of the real estate contract expired.

Having been turned down by two other institutions, a friend referred them to me, and I was able to find a financing scenario that fit their financial needs and got them into the house they wanted – on time!

Finally, as a local lender, broker, and banker, I am best qualified to help you get a great deal on your home and the other expenses that go along with a home purchase. I understand home values in the Baltimore-Washington neighborhoods, I have years of professional relationships with the realtors, appraisers, and settlement attorneys who are all part of the process of bringing a home purchase or refinance to closing.

As part of Mortgage Master’s team, I have an enormous variety of loan programs and correspondent deals available that no other loan officer can match.

From a condo to a multimillion dollar purchase, I have the resources available to get you a fabulous deal. You’ll get all the savings inherent in using my professional team, low-cost platform, business relationships, market knowledge, and lending experience to bring you a great deal on your mortgage. Give me a call today to get a free, no obligation quote for your home purchase or refinance plans.


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