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“Those Boys of Yours” — A Further Perspective


Thank you to Ann Goldberg for her thought-provoking article titled “Those Boys of Yours” in the November 26th issue of the Where What When. Ms. Goldberg’s intent was to remind the reader of the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and not to assume that if a boy sits and learns he is part of the small, misguided group that is currently creating a chillul Hashem in Israel.
That Ms. Goldberg’s friends and/or acquaintances would assume that her family was involved in the incidents she is discussing because they have “that look” (black hat, white shirt,

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The Masa Kumta

masa kumta

Blue sky and thick sand as far as the eye can see. At some point in the distance the two blend as one. I sit on a picnic bench under an aishel tree as a cool sweet breeze is blowing. I reflect on the Hebrew vocabulary words I have learned over the past six months: tekes, hashba’ah, masa kumta, and chayal boded. The chayal boded is my son, a lone soldier. My heart beams with pride and my eyes well up with tears.

The sounds of fighter jets and explosions jar me from my thoughts. I should be alarmed, yet I know I am safe. If only I could wrap up this moment and hold on to the serenity I feel.

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