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At the Front

iron dome

A group of us just came back from an emotional and moving day. It was organized by one of our friends in Maale Adumim, Yehuda Tatelbaum, who has a brother on a base about a mile from Egypt and a few kilometers from Gaza. About 20 of us, neighbors in the Mitzpe Nevo neighborhood of  Maale Adumim, traveled in six cars, each loaded with food, sweets, meats, charcoal, fruits and vegetables, personal care products, and letters from children letting the soldiers know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Home baked goods could be found in almost every trunk. One car was likely the favorite, as it carried perhaps a dozen zippered canvas bags of shnitzel sandwiches: 500 of them! They were prepared by a crew that began their work at midnight and made sure to have everything prepared by the time we left.

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