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The Lender You Choose Impacts Your Access to Low Rates

The headline above may surprise you. How can the lender affect your rate? Aren’t interest rates the same at every bank and lending institution?

Yes and no.

Interest rates are set by a federal regulatory agency, however vibrant lenders like my parent company, Mortgage Master, have so many creative ways of financing homes that you can wind up with a financing plan that gives you a rate lower than your local bank or broker offers!

How does that work?

When you work with Mortgage Master, one of the largest privately-held mortgage companies in the country, you get a professional, efficient team – working on a super low-cost platform – to pass low rates and highly efficient loan programs on to you. You’ll get a whole team of professionals dedicated to closing your loan fast, including:

  • The Mortgage Lender, Broker & Banker: That’s me. I’m here to find you a great deal and coordinate all loan efforts from application through underwriting and on to closing.

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