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Life is Not Our Classroom , Homeschooling 2016


In the most recent issue of the Where What When, Devora Schor wrote an article about homeschooling entitled “Life is our Classroom.” The piece concludes with the statement, “When you homeschool, life is your classroom.” I appreciated the article about homeschooling and enjoyed reading about the different homeschooled children within our community. That said, I was bothered by both the title and the conclusion. “Life is our classroom” is a beautiful idea for anyone, student or otherwise, but to think that it succinctly sums up homeschooling is simply inaccurate. Once beyond elementary age, the child who is being schooled by “life” will be uneducated. What are the chances that a child will encounter calculus, physics, and numerous other academic disciplines through “life”? Even high school-aged homeschoolers who are following what is termed the “unschooling” learning philosophy would question whether “life is our classroom.” For high school students, homeschooled or otherwise, you need much more.”

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