Articles by Rochel Naiman

Gluten-Free and Happy


Do you feel heavy and bloated after the Shabbos challah? Does challah give you stomach cramps? Or, perhaps you sneeze several times after eating it, or start to itch. Any of these symptoms and others – one website on Non-Celiac Glucose Sensitivity (NCGS) listed over 50 common reactions to gluten when I first was diagnosed – may be caused by this component in wheat, barley, rye, and spelt that allows these grains to bind together as a flour. I discovered my intolerance when I developed chronic sinusitis. Determined to banish my ever-present froggy voice, I made an appointment with an allergist. After two hours of testing for airborne and food allergies as a trigger for my congestion, absolutely nothing showed up. “So strange,” I said to the doctor, “because I only use spelt, and even a three-day Yom Tov dose of that gives me stomachaches and increased congestion.”

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