Baltimore's Jewish Family Magazine


is a monthly family magazine of Jewish information, inspiration, and opinion. Established in 1985, it is Baltimore's liveliest Jewish magazine, approximate readership is 40,000. The Where What When is directed to the wide spectrum of Baltimore's Jewish population and has become a powerful voice in the community.

The magazine is circulated by mail and by newstand throughout the mid-Atlantic Corridor. The Where What When's timely articles and pertinent advertising have earned it the devotion and enthusiasm of its readers, including - men, women and young people.

Articles and Advice Columns

Our publication contains articles and advice columns that appeal to the broad spectrum of Jews in Baltimore.

Our articles are well read and discussed among our readers.

Many of our advertisers have been advertising with us for many years. They are loyal to us because they get consistently good results. We have a winning combination: a well-read magazine that brings results to our advertisers!

The Express

The Express is a Monthly WWW supplement that works together with the WWW to bring you all the news about events and sales on a timely basis. It is published monthly during the winter season, between Succos and Pesach.