Articles by Sara Eisemann

“Thank You for Coming”

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No, really…thank you for coming. Because I’ve been that woman in the minivan with the cracker crumbs and the car seats and the fighting. Before DVDs in the car and after DVDs in the car. And I’ve been that woman who got up at 4:30 a.m. to catch the only Spirit flight of the day. I’ve been that woman who wanted nothing more on a Shabbos morning than to roll over and go back to sleep. And I’ve even been that woman who, for whatever reason, found it painful to be your simcha, but came anyway. Because I couldn’t imagine you celebrating a milestone and not being there to share it with you.

And now here you are doing the same for me. Leaving your home, your family (or bringing them with you – I’m not sure which is harder!), your comfortable bed and routine to be there for me at my simcha. I understand the sacrifice, big or small, and I truly appreciate it. And I want you to know just how much.

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