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To the Editor,

I very much enjoyed the article by Eli W. Schlossberg about Rabbi Steinberg, z”l. As a former Bais Yaakov student, it brought back memories and highlighted aspects of his personality that were not often brought out in other articles I’ve read. One of these was his simchas hachaim (joyfulness). My husband remembers spending Shabbos in his house, and told me that he was singing the whole Shabbos.

Most of the time, Rabbi Steinberg was dignified and very proper – he always called us by our last names, Miss P or Miss G – but he knew how to let down and make things fun for us girls when appropriate, like during outings. I also remember that he sought the students’ opinions about school matters and built up our self-esteem. I was once in his office when he called the seminary to which I had applied to make sure I was accepted, and took the opportunity to praise me so I could hear it.

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